Thai Buddha Statues

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Thai Buddha Statues

Whenever you think of Thailand surely one of the most evocative images is of a beguiling Temple and its beautiful, tranquil interior filled with stunning Thai Buddha Statues. If ever there was a place that could be considered a sanctuary of calm, somewhere that the pressures of modern living seem to be a million miles away, then surely this must be it. Thai Temples are primarily places of worship and home to Buddhist Monks, but they are so much more than that, their influence on the daily lives of Thai people is immeasurable, the fact that all Buddhist Thai males will spend time serving as Monks means that the whole community really is influenced by the Temple, and the powerful images within are very much a part of the national psyche.

Wooden Buddha

Thai Buddha Statues are certainly not only decorative, they are also powerful, uplifting symbols that can be both calming and inspirational, focusing the mind on what is really important in life, and helping us to achieve our goals and ambitions. Buddha Statues can be placed in the office or workplace as well as in the home and can help create a calm and tranquil environment.

When placing Buddha Statues in the home or workplace they should be treated respectfully in keeping with Thai customs and placed on a high level so that they are not looked down upon, and should not be placed in a position where the soles of the feet will be pointing towards them, e.g. at the foot of the bed.

On this site you will find explanations for the imagery used in some of the Thai Buddha Statues that you may wish to purchase, or for Buddha Statues already in your possession. Our Buy Buddha Statues page is powered by Amazon so you can be certain of purchasing in confidence.

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