Buddha Statues: Way of Enlightenment

Posted On : February 21st, 2012 by admin

Buddhism is ubiquitous; it is a religious philosophy that has many followers worldwide. It is based on the ethics, enlightenment and compassion. The statues of Buddha represent the “enlightened one.” In today’s robotic life, when everyone is search of serenity and tranquility- Buddha statues comes as a great relief. Buddha statues and sculptures can be seen all around us, in the living area, office space and garden area to bring in the serenity in the house.

There’s a wide-variety of hand-carved Buddhist deities sculptures based on templates and standardized styles such as wooden happy buddha, hand carved sitting buddha, blessing buddha statues, meditating buddha statue, reclining buddha, siddhartha buddha, large thai buddha, buddha on lotus, serenity buddha, teaching buddha etc. Each statue is unique. There’s variation in carving, artisans flair and creativity. There are varieties of Buddhist statues and sculptures

Garden Buddha Statues:

They are made form a variety of materials including granite, stone, brass and bronze. People custom orders garden statues to enhance the exterior décor of Zen gardens and meditation gardens.

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